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Feedback from Clients and Candidates

Clients Comments

MARK Consulting spent the time to thoroughly understand our specific recruitment needs before starting the search. MRS then put a plan on how the search would proceed and shared it with us. As a result, MRS has always sourced our needs in a very short time compared to others and with the expected results. MARK Consulting is now our preferred recruitment sourcing.

Solution provider for all skilled and semi skilled professionals.

Yasir R. Jastaniah | General Manager | Arabian Gulf Manufacturers (Gulfmaid) | KSA

Not only was the pre-search work a fresh approach, but also a very solid foundation for the rest of the search and selection process. It is an absolute pleasure to work with MARK Consulting. They are extremely professional and their expert advice, guidance and support on various levels is highly valued. MARK Consulting is a very innovative company and one that I look forward to continuing in my dealings with. Our experience with their unique process has been extremely positive.

Nasreen Mansoor | Human Resources | Kagiso New Media

"Although the relationship between Jamjoom Pharma and the MARK Consulting is not very old but it is certainly of a very mature nature and the professional bond between the two entities has definitely strengthened after each new Recruitment venture.
In a short span of time MARK Consulting has proved to be greatly instrumental in providing Jamjoom Pharma with some extremely well, professionally sound and highly respected (among their respective industry) resources, especially at the Senior Management level in a timely manner. This is possible because of their professional approach, thorough understanding of the Client's Overall Needs and a wide database of appropriate candidates, across the globe.
Jamjoom Pharma really looks forward to a continued and mutually beneficial relationship with MARK Consulting and hope that it will continue to provide us the best out of the available resources. "

Anwer Mohiuddin | CFO | JamjoomPharma | KSA

MARK Consulting headed by Tariq Khan were instrumental in building our Accounting team. They provided quality candidates and followed up professionally to fill our vacancies in a timely manner.

Khalid M. Sindi | General Manager | Enaya Care Int'l. Co. for Comfort & Beauty | Jeddah, KSA

Candidates Comments

I found MARK Consulting to be highly professional in executive headhunting with a respected network of executives and ability to successfully close an assignment quickly meeting the relevant objectives.

Mohammad Shah | Information Technology Head | AMS Baeshan | KSA

"MARK Consulting's fresh, dedicated, professional approach to the headhunting process was a breath of fresh air in so far as recruitment a services are concerned. The MARK consulting team was readily available for consultation throughout my recruitment process to ensure that they matched my needs for growth as a professional with the needs of a high caliber, like minded employer ready to provide the career path I was looking to pursue. I would readily recommend their services to professionals ready to take the next step in their career."

Geoffery Gakuya | Product Manager | Kagiso New Media | Microsoft Networks | Kenya

"I was very impressed by the support, communication and professionalism provided to me during my interview process and in salary benchmarking. As a candidate, I was extremely impressed with Tariq's work ethic - he was very proactive, offered me advice and kept me updated at all times.He expedited the entire recruitment process for me and helped me close a long negotiation process in a matter of few days. I will certainly like to recommend him for anyone looking at recruitment consulting services in the global generic pharma industry. Once again, thank you very much for all your help to date. Your support has been excellent."

Rajesh Bhaskar | Senior Director R & D | JamjoomPharma | KSA

"Mr Tariq Hassan Khan is a strategic leader, expert, skilled and comfortable. He was professional in the hiring process for key, hard-to-fill roles. He has very high standards, he cares deeply for people, and he takes seriously his responsibility fill the gap between the candidates and his clients. He is trustworthy and it was a pleasure to work with him."

Dr. Horia H.VILCU | Director | JamjoomPharma | KSA

"MARK Consulting is an honest and upfront when giving me advice and sending me off to interviews.Unlike other agencies they do not give false hope by sending off for inappropriate jobs. The feedback I received from them was always prompt regardless of the outcome of an interview.
They are motivated,targetoriented,having professional ethics and always with positive-can do attitude."

Tauqeer Ahmad | Manager Injection Moulding | Jamjoom Medical Industries | KSA

"MARK Consulting has a professional team and helped me to achieve my future goals by finding targeted job."

Asif Ehsan Cheema | Finance manager | Enaya Care International Co Ltd | KSA

"I have encountered many recruitment agencies but MARK Consulting is a class above; Professionalism, Proactiveness and Positiveness are the signature of Mr.Tariq Khan and his team. Honest and being upfront on their feedback had helped in managing expectations from begining which make it such a smooth and enjoyable experince throughout the process. Thank You and Best Wishes."

Ng Shek Chen, Simon | Head of Fresh Food | PANDA | KSA